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By Michael Keevican

Many Americans are now eating a vegetarian diet, and fast food restaurants are trying to cater to this trend. Some have added healthier options, and many of these are vegetarian. Since The Vegetarian Resource Group did their last fast food survey in 1992, almost every restaurant we mentioned has made at least one change for the better. Although many of the options at these restaurants remain a poor choice for a meal that is either vegetarian or healthy, there have been many additions that are very promising for those looking for a vegetarian meal, or sometime seven a vegan meal, in a hurry. We have updated the list to provide clear information on the ingredients in some of the foods you are eating and how these foods are prepared. Some of this information will surprise you, for better and for worse! Nevertheless, this guide will allow you easily to find a fast food restaurant that caters to your eat-and-run needs when you are on the road or just craving a fast food fix.

Out of about 150 fast food companies we wrote to, only 15 replied. For the companies that did not reply to our letters, we followed up by phone, and still only came up with about 30 restaurants providing adequate information for the survey. Jack In The Box and Wendy's were in the process of updating their nutritional information, to reflect the healthy changes in their menus, but we still received plenty of information from them. And Taco time had just hired someone to answer specific questions about ingredient and nutritional information. A few companies had very little nutrition information available on demand and would not provide a listing of product ingredients, but this was the exception and not the rule. Many fast food restaurants are very interested in the concerns of the customer. For those who choose to eat fast food and want a better selection, try contacting the consumer advisor and giving them your suggestions and opinions. The greater the demand for vegetarian options, the more seriously a company will consider adding them to the menu. It is obvious that fast food restaurants are attempting to meet the consumer demand for vegetarian and healthier meals.

Some restaurants which replied gave very specific information. For example, although Carl's Jr., a fast food restaurant out of California, doesn't have many vegetarian items, they do have a salad bar with variety of vegetables, fruits, and salads. Like many other restaurants Carl's is removing MSG from all its products in an effort to make its menu healthier. Wendy's, which has also removed the MSG from most of its products, is probably the fast food restaurant with the greatest variety of vegetarian options. A baked potato is offered with a variety of toppings, and there is also a Garden Spot salad bar at all restaurants.At some locations the Super Bar is offered, which has the same items with the addition of soups, pasta, prepared salads, and a Mexican Fiesta bar with refried beans that contain no lard.

Mexican fast food restaurants are another good place to find a variety of vegetarian and even vegan dishes. None of the Mexican fast food restaurants surveyed use lard in refrying their beans. All Mexican restaurants surveyed had at least 3 or 4 vegetarian items, or non-vegetarian items that were easily adaptable. Taco Bell, which is probably the best known of the Mexican fast food restaurants, will omit the meat from most items on request to make them vegetarian, and in some cases vegan if the cheese is omitted.

The big three, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's, all offer what they call a vegetarian sandwich, but don't be fooled by the name. This is merely a bun with condiments. Some Burger King restaurants are offering a veggie burger, but it is in relatively few areas, and there are no plans to introduce it at all locations. Burger King would be a good place to try contacting if you were interested in getting a vegetarian burger onto the menu of a fast food establishment, since the company already has demonstrated some interest in the vegetarian consumer. If you want to suggest that Burger King add vegetarian burgers to their menu, call their consumer hotline at 1-800-YES-1-800. Even if this burger were made available, we could not be sure that it would be completely vegetarian, because it would probably be cooked on the same grill that the meat products are cooked on.

At most fast food restaurants the only vegan or vegetarian items are those that are deep fried, and this can pose a problem. Often these foods are cooked in the same oil as the deep fried meats and fish. Some restaurants do say that as a rule the items are fried in separate vats,but there is always the chance that an employee might cook meats in the wrong vat. Even if that rule is strictly enforced, in at least one restaurant, oil is rotated from vat to vat so that it is impossible to know for sure if what you are eating is truly vegetarian.

We hope this survey will help provide some answers to your questions about vegetarian foods available in fast food restaurants. Please let us know if you hear of any new vegetarian items being sold in these establishments.

AU BON PAIN: Au Bon Pain has a variety of vegetarian choices and even has suggestions for healthy, low-fat meals. At each location nutritional information is available. Four types of bagels are available which are all vegan; these include plain, cinnamon, onion, and sesame. They also have several types of breads, none of which appear to be vegan. For breakfast a variety of muffins and Danishes are available, all of which are vegetarian. For lunch and dinner there are a couple of choices.There are two vegan salads, the large garden and the small garden, both of which are made with two types of lettuce, red cabbage, carrots,tomatoes, cucumber, and red or green pepper. They also make a spinach and cheese croissant. Vegetarian soups include garden vegetarian,vegetarian chili, cream of broccoli, and tomato florentine. When I last spoke to a consumer advisor, she said that the company is expanding its menu and might include some new vegetarian soups.

AUNTIE ANNE'S: Auntie Anne's is a chain found in many food courts in shopping malls. They offer a variety of hand-rolled pretzels. The flavored pretzels and dips contain butter. However, although most of their pretzels are flavored with butter, upon request they will make one without butter, and it is vegan. A pretzel ordered here without butter is lowfat.

ARBY'S: Arby's is now using vegetable oil for its fried foods. Their buns contain eggs or milk derivatives. Arby's offers the Garden Salad,which contains cheese, and a vegan small side salad. Arby's offers awaked potato, and they are presently testing vegetable pita pockets which contain broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and celery. The milkshakes contain animal gelatin and the cheese contains animal rennet (as most cheese does). Arby's is working to improve its selection of healthy alternatives and confirmed that they are investigating other meatless options. They have typically offered lowfat products and are phasing out the use of MSG in all their products.

BASKIN ROBBINS: Most Baskin Robbins' desserts are vegetarian and some are even vegan. Flavors made with marshmellow, however, contain animal gelatin. Dairy-free products include Ices and Sorbet. Most of their products are also egg-free with the exception of Egg Nog, French Vanilla, Vanilla, and Custard flavors, and those with cookie or cake pieces. Baskin Robbins has put together a pamphlet offering suggestions for individuals watching their cholesterol, fat, sugar, fat, sulfite and/or gluten intake.

BOB'S BIG BOY: Bob's Big Boy, part of Marriott Corporation's family restaurant division, contains a decent selection for vegetarians, though options for vegans are limited. For breakfast there are cereal,potatoes, pancakes, French toast, bagels, toast, muffins, and a wide selection of fresh fruit. Bob's has just recently switched from instant oatmeal to old- fashioned, hearty kettle oatmeal from Quaker.

Another pleasant surprise at Bob's is a Garden Lasagna, which is a vegetarian lasagna containing cheese, spinach, carrots, and onions.Bob's has offered a vegetable stir-fry in the past, but it did not sell well enough, so they decided upon the chicken stir-fry presently on their menu. This is a good example of how support by vegetarians could make a difference in determining whether vegetarian options are offered.Other vegetarian items on Bob's menu are French fries, onion rings,baked potatoes, and coleslaw. The Marriott Corporation certainly seems open to offering more vegetarian options if the demand is there.

BONANZA: Their restaurants are individually franchised. Because menu items vary among regions and are purchased from a wide listing of manufacturers and distributors, any nutritional evaluation or ingredient listing done on one unit's products may well be invalid for the rest. Vegetable items, salads, and desserts on their salad bars are purchased locally. The national headquarters recommends the use of vegetable oil, but they stated there is no guarantee it is used in every restaurant. You must ask at each restaurant.

BURGER KING: Burger King uses only vegetable oil for their fried products. Their national headquarters stated that it is standard procedure for fries, French toast, onion rings and hash browns to be fried in oil separate from the 'food' products, meaning the chicken and fish. This differs from what was stated in a letter we received from an employee at Burger King. She wrote to us that the French fries are the only fried foods cooked in a separate vat. To be sure, ask at the restaurant you are visiting.

Other vegetarian options at Burger King include the garden and side salads, croissants, bagels, blueberry muffins, and lemon pie. The cherry and apple pies contain casein (a milk derivative), and the Snickers Ice Cream Bar contains gelatin.

Burger King actually has a Veggie Whopper, which is cheese on a bun with whatever condiments and toppings you'd like. They will also make it without cheese. The Whopper buns may contain animal shortening, but the hamburger buns are purchased locally; so ask when you go in. The oat bran bun contains dairy products. Their bagels are made with vegetable shortening, but contain egg whites. Onion rings contain whey, but their hash browns and French fries appear to be vegan. Burger King probably has the best quality salad dressings of the fast food chains, since they use Paul Newman's dressings, which avoid using preservatives and artificial ingredients. The French, Reduced Calorie Italian, and Oil &Vinegar dressings are all vegan. Their garden salad contains cheese. The side salad lists only lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, and radishes.Burger King is successfully marketing a Spicy Bean Burger in the United Kingdom, and some upstate New York Burger Kings have been testing a veggie burger, which is not vegan. To urge Burger King to bring a veggie burger to your area, please call 1-800-YES-1-800.

CAPTAIN D'S: The company currently has no nutritional information in written form for distribution, but has plans to publish something.Customers can call to get some information.

CARL'S JR.: French fries, onion rings, zucchini and other fried foods at Carl's Jr. are cooked in vegetable oil. Their onion rings and zucchini contain dairy derivatives. Bread products which contain no animal shortening, eggs, or dairy derivatives include the breadsticks, hot dog bun, plain bun, flour tortilla, English muffin, and Kaiser bun. None of their baked goods contain animal shortening. They have an all-you-can-eat salad bar, as well as macaroni, potato, and pasta salads in some stores. They also offer a Lite Potato with margarine on the side.Carl's Jr. is making efforts to remove MSG from those foods in which it has been used in the past.

CHI-CHI'S: Chi-Chi's restaurants uses soybean oil to prepare their refried beans and other deep-fried items. They list the following items as being vegetarian: Chips and Salsa (vegan), Vegetable Chajita (vegan),Cheese Nachos, Guacamole, Chili Con Queso, Vegetable and Spinach Quesadillas, Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, Mexican Fried Ice Cream, and Mexican Salad. However, most of their cheeses do contain rennet, which is an enzyme from the stomach of calves. You can request their pepperjack cheese, which we were told does not contain animal rennet.Although they use vegetable oil for all their fried foods, meat products are fried in the same oil as vegetarian products.

CHURCH'S FRIED CHICKEN: Vegetarian options at Church's include coleslaw,French fries, okra, and mashed potatoes without gravy. They said that they fry their products in an all-vegetable shortening, but it is theism oil in which they fry their chicken nuggets.

CRACKER BARREL: Vegetarian items available at Cracker Barrel include grits, coleslaw, French fries, onion rings, fried okra and fried apples.The fried foods are not prepared in separate oil from the meat products,although all products are cooked in vegetable oil. A variety of cooked vegetables are offered, including corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes. The sourdough bread is their only bread that does not contain dairy derivatives. Salads are available and can be modified to omit meat and dairy products.

DAIRY QUEEN: Dairy Queen/Brazier stores use only vegetable shortening to prepare their foods, and the only food they fry is French fries.Ingredients in buns and onion rings depend upon the local supplier. They offer a Garden Salad, which contains eggs, and a side salad which is apparently vegan.

DEL TACO: Bean burritos, quesadillas, and tostadas are all vegetarian and if the cheese is left out, they are vegan. Refried beans are prepared with 100% soybean oil and all sauces are meat-free.

DENNY'S: Denny's has a variety of choices for each meal. For breakfast,buttermilk biscuits, hash browns, French toast, and waffles are all available, along with seasonal fresh fruits. For dinner and lunch there are also a few choices. A garden salad is offered with eggs as a garnish, but they can be omitted. There is a variety of side dishes,including French fries and onion rings, both of which appear to be vegan, as well as mozzarella sticks, and cream of broccoli soup, which contains dairy but does not have an animal base. All fried foods are prepared in vegetable oil, but vegetarian items are cooked in the same oil as meat products. There are two vegetarian sandwiches available --grilled cheese and a veggie cheese melt. Breads are purchased locally and may contain dairy derivatives, and many of their cheeses contain animal rennet.

DOMINO'S: There are four different ingredient groupings for Domino's pizza crust, and any one of these might be used at your local units.Only one of the recipes is apparently vegan. The rest contain whey, and may contain egg, butter, buttermilk, cheese, and other dairy derivatives. None of these recipes contains lard. Their sauce appears to be vegan. The enzymes in their cheese are listed as being either of vegetable or animal origin.

EL CHICO'S: El Chico's uses only vegetable oil for frying. Their refried beans reportedly do not contain lard, but you may want to check at your local restaurant.

EL POLLO LOCO: There is a vegetarian burrito available, which is basically a bean burrito, prepared with beans that are cooked in olive oil. The vegetarian burrito, like other items, is made to order; so it can be ordered without cheese for a vegan burrito. The tortillas, both corn and flour, are vegan. Other vegetarian items include corn, potato salad, coleslaw, and a side salad. For dessert there are churros.

HARDEE'S: Hardee's uses vegetable oil to cook all fried products. They offer pre-made salads including a garden salad which contains cheese and a side salad which is vegan. Other vegetarian possibilities at Hardee's include pancakes, hash rounds, egg and cheese biscuit, cinnamon raisin biscuit, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and fries. Hardee's biscuits contain buttermilk and their gravy is sausage-based. Their Crispy Curls and French fries are fried separately from their fried meat products.Their mashed potatoes are instant and appear to be vegan except for the natural flavoring, which is questionable. Hardee's is also willing to make a cheese sandwich with toppings on a roll, but the cheeses contains animal rennet.

JACK IN THE BOX: They have a pamphlet which lists the ingredients for all their products. They cook with a griddle shortening that is a 100%vegetable oil blend, but the ingredients for this blend include natural butter flavor. The shortening blend for the fryers contains no animal products. As a rule they fry French fries and onion rings separately from the meats, but this is not strictly enforced. Bread products which appear to be vegan include their English muffins, hamburger bun, sesame breadsticks, tortilla bowl (wheat), pita bread, and gyro bread. The croissants contain nonfat dry milk and butter, and the sourdough bread is grilled with shortening. The onion rings contain whey and egg yolk solids, and the apple turnover contains animal and/or vegetable shortening. Hashbrowns, French fries, and guacamole appear to be vegan.The seasoned curly fries contain non-fat dry milk. Jack in the Box offers a side salad which is vegan. Their reduced-calorie French dressing contains nonfat yogurt, but the low-calorie Italian dressing appears to be vegan with the possible exception of the "natural ingredients." Their "secret sauce" contains egg yolks and Worcestershire sauce (anchovies). The cinnamon churritos contain dairy products and the cheesecake contains gelatin, but the apple turnover is vegan.

KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN: KFC, as they prefer to be called these days,uses only vegetable shortening in all its frying procedures, but their potato wedges are fried in the same oil as the chicken. The three breads offered contain no animal shortening or dairy, but all contain egg products. Some stores carry a garden salad which is vegan. Other vegetarian options include corn on the cob, coleslaw, fries, plain butter-milk biscuits, mashed potatoes which contain butter and milk,Italian pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and vegetable medley. The garden rice, green beans, mean greens, red beans and rice, and BBQ baked beans all contain meat or meat flavorings. Side dishes differ from store to store, but the ones mentioned here are found in 95% of the American KFC restaurants.

LITTLE CAESARS: Presently most Little Caesars use microbial or vegetable rennet in their cheese, but the Dallas, Greensboro, Atlanta, and Chicago area Little Caesars use calf rennet; so your best bet is to ask at each location. Their dough and tomato sauce are vegan. You can order Little Caesars pizza without cheese. Other options for vegetarians include a Veggie Sandwich, Greek Salad (contains feta cheese), Tossed Salad, Crazy Bread, and Crazy Sauce. Items that are vegan are the Crazy Sauce, Crazy Bread without Parmesan cheese, Tossed Salad, and Greek Salad withoutfeta cheese.

LONG JOHN SILVER'S: All their fried foods have always been prepared impartially hydrogenated soybean oil. The fries and hush puppies are prepared in the same oil as the meats. They offer prepared salads, corn on the cob, hush puppies, French fries, and green beans. They also offer coleslaw, but at this time it is in the midst of being reformulated; so check the ingredients of this item during your next visit.

MCDONALD'S: Fries and hash browns are both cooked in 100% vegetable oil,and are supposed to be prepared in vats separate from those used for meat. McDonald's offers a garden salad which includes eggs, and a side salad which is vegan. Beware that their Red French Reduced Calorie dressing lists Worcestershire sauce, which contains anchovies. Their only dressing that appears to be vegan is the Lite Vinaigrette. For breakfast, vegetarian options include hash browns, apple bran muffins,and cereal. All three Danishes available contain gelatin. The Egg McMuffin can be ordered without meat, and so can the egg and cheese biscuit. McDonald land cookies appear to be vegan; the lecithin used is soy derived. The chocolate chip cookies contain dairy products and the apple pie contains lecithin, but it is vegetarian. Many McDonald's also prepare the Big Mac sandwich without meat if re-quested. (The buns are vegan; however, the special sauce contains egg yolk.) McDonald's appears to be very interested in educating consumers as to what is in the food they are eating and provides information on ingredients, calories, fat,cholesterol and sodium. Upon request, any of this information can be sent to you by calling 1-800-524-5900.

NATHAN'S: Their thick French fries are cooked in corn oil. Corn on the cob is often available.

PIZZA HUT: Pizza Hut Pan Crust contains whey, but the Thin'n Crispy Crust and Hand-Tossed Crust are vegan. Whey is also found in the breadsticks. Their sauce contains cheese flavor from natural Parmesan and MSG. The cheese used on the pizzas is made with synthetic rennet. A salad bar is available at some locations and includes tossed salad,fruit, and cheese. If it is at all possible for them to modify items on their menu to make them vegetarian, they will.

PONDEROSA: Ponderosa has a large food bar which typically contains plain vegetables as well as a salad bar, fruit, and fried foods. Ingredient listings were not available, but it seems possible to come up with a decent vegan meal at Ponderosa. People in the new pro-duct testing department for Ponderosa did state that they are working on some vegetarian options!

POPEYE'S: Vegetarian items include corn on the cob, coleslaw, onion rings, and apple pies.

RAX: Rax is now using only Crisco, an all-vegetable shortening, for their fried foods. However, their beans are first cooked with lard.Their crackers and croutons may contain animal shortening, and their buns contain milk powder. Some of their pasta is vegan, but the rainbow rotini contains egg whites. Their spaghetti noodles appear to be vegan,and their sauce contains Parmesan cheese. The Rax salad bar has the regular salad bar offerings, plus macaroni salad, and occasionally a three bean salad which appears to be vegan.

ROUND TABLE PIZZA: The cheese used on Round Table Pizza is made with microbial enzymes, which has replaced animal rennet. They have a good variety of vegetable toppings including black olives, garlic,mush-rooms, pineapple tidbits, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and jalapeno peppers. Their dough and tomato sauce are vegan. They use vegetable shortening.

SBARRO: This Italian fast food chain is often located at travel rest areas and inside shopping malls. Their pizza crust is made with vegetable oil, and their marinara sauce contains cheese. The baked ziti and most accioli are made with egg pasta.

SHAKEY'S: Not too much has changed here. Shakey's uses vegetable oil for frying, and all of their dough contains vegetable shortening. Vegetarian items that are deep fried are sometimes cooked in the same oil as the deep fried meats, depending on the number of fryers available. We were unable to determine whether their dough contains dairy products or if their cheese contains animal rennet. They have a salad bar.

SHONEY'S: Shoney's has a breakfast bar with fruit, cakes, bagels, and muffins. Other breakfast items include cereals, home fries, pancakes,hash browns, grits, and toast. Shoney's also has various prepared salads, a salad bar, and soups.

SKIPPER'S: While the employees of many eating establishments seem to have little or no knowledge about the ingredients in their foods, the Quality Assurance Manager at Skipper's was an exception. She definitively answered questions and had access to the sources of ingredients in their foods. Skipper's uses soybean oil for frying all their menu items. Their bread and breadsticks contain dairy products,but their crackers do not contain any animal products. They offer garden salad which includes mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots. Other vegetarian foods include baked potatoes, zucchini slices,and coleslaw made with mayonnaise. They also have onion rings made with a beer-based batter that is vegan. They seemed very open to suggestions for new items. With a little encouragement and support, more vegetarian options might be offered.

SUBWAY: Subway offers a veggies and cheese sub, which is any combination of vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers,black olives, onions, and/or pickles. These are placed on a vegan subroll, either white or wheat, and can be accompanied by cheese, mayo,oil, and/or vinegar. The cheese Subway uses is made with vegetable rennet. A salad with the same choice of vegetables is also avail-able.They will definitely modify the menu to accommodate vegetarians.

TACO BELL: No lard or tropical oils are found in any of their products or frying processes. Only corn or soy-bean oil is used. Their guacamole contains sour cream. The seven-layer burrito contains dehydrated chicken meat, found in the rice. Both the corn and wheat tortillas are vegan according to their main office. The Heat Pressed Tortilla does contain nonfat dry milk. The cheese contains either animal or vegetable rennet;this differs from store to store. Their Twists are vegan, containing only wheat, rice flour, corn flour, and salt. MSG is not found in any Taco Bell menu item, and they are currently testing a new line of salads.

TACO JOHN'S INTERNATIONAL: Vegetarian items available include bean burritos made with refried beans cooked in canola oil. No lard or tropical oils are used in any products or food preparation. Both the nachos and Potato Ole's are also vegetarian, but are fried in the same oil as the meat products. The tortillas contain no animal shortening,but may contain dairy products. The guacamole is vegan. Any item on the menu can be made vegetarian by substituting beans for meat. If you are vegan, request no cheese or sour cream. The cheese Taco John's uses contains no animal rennet.

TACOTIME: TacoTime uses vegetable oil for their deep fryers, and wanted to make it clear that they have never used lard in 33 years of business.Their Refritos are made with vegetable shortening. Tortillas are vegan.Vegetarian dishes available at TacoTime include soft bean burrito, crisp bean burrito, refritos (beans, sauce, and cheese), tostado, nachos, and Mexi-fries. They could not tell me for sure if vegetarian fried items,like the Mexi-fries, are cooked in separate oil from the meat products.When I last spoke to them they were in the midst of hiring a person who would deal with questions pertaining to ingredients and nutrition; so if you have any further questions for this company, you can call.

T.G.I. Friday's: Though this is more of a regular versus fast food restaurant, we included it here because they presently have several real vegetarian options on their menu including a vegetarian burger called a Garden Burger. Apparently, public response has been overwhelmingly positive, and they are very interested in expanding their vegetarian selections. The Garden Burger does have some dairy in it.Other options include a Fresh Vegetable Baguette, which contains cheese and is served with yogurt, and the Garden Cob, their number one selling salad, containing artichokes, green peppers, yellow squash, and other veggies. They also have a Vegetable Medley, which is steamed vegetables served with rice and a dinner salad. Beware that the brown rice pilaf served with it contains chicken base. Order a baked potato as a substitute, and you'll have a filling, vegan meal.

WENDY'S: Over the last couple of years Wendy's has made some changes that have definitely been pro-vegetarian. Wendy's Super Bar has one of the best salad bars in the fast food arena, and they are constantly striving to make it better. They have removed the "natural beef flavor"from the spaghetti sauce, making it vegan; this can be placed over the rotini, which is also vegan. They also offer an alfredo sauce, which is vegetarian, and macaroni and cheese. At the Mexican Fiesta, the refried beans no longer contain lard. The only questionable ingredient in the Spanish rice is the natural flavoring, which may be animal derived. The flour tortillas contain whey, but their taco chips, taco sauce, and taco shells are vegan.

There are several salads made to go. The deluxe garden salad and the side salad are both vegetarian, but do list imitation cheese as an ingredient. Besides the salads to go, there are also the makings for a salad at the Garden Spot salad bar. Vegetables include alfalfa sprouts,broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, chives, green peppers,lettuce, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Vegan dressings include French, Sweet Red French, Golden Italian, and Reduced Calorie Italian,which contain no questionable ingredients, since they have informed us that the natural flavor found in these dressings is not animal derived.Their fat-free French contains white honey, and the Italian Caesar dressing contains anchovy paste, as well as eggs and cheese. The croutons contain whey, but the chow mein noodles appear to be vegan.Wendy's Garden Spot Pasta Salad contains cheese and egg whites. Other vegetarian items found at the salad bar include bread-sticks, cheddar chips, coleslaw, cottage cheese, potato salad, pudding, and fruit.

The Garden Spot salad bar is found at all Wendy's, but unfortunately the SuperBar is found only at some locations. Hot vegetarian items at all Wendy's include a baked potato with choice of toppings and French fries.The French fries are cooked in separate oil from the meat products;however, there is the possibility that oil used to cook the chicken nuggets could be rotated into a French fry vat! They also offer a vegetarian sandwich, which is a choice of toppings on a bun without meat. Their buns contain whey. They say that all their cheeses are made with microbial enzymes. Wendy's has reportedly tested a grain burger and they are looking into other vegetarian possibilities. Their consumer department was very helpful, and they definitely seem open to new ideas.Let's encourage them to follow up on a veggie burger!

MRS. WINNER'S: Their potatoes are fried only in vegetable oil.

The Vegetarian Resource Group has been providing information on vegetarian food offered at fast food chains for over ten years. Special thanks to Michael Keevican, who while working as an intern for The Vegetarian Resource Group, did this year's update. Readers should let us know if they hear of any new vegetarian items being offered at fast food chains. _____________________________________________________

This article was originally published in the May/June 1994 issue of the _Vegetarian_Journal_, published by:

The Vegetarian Resource Group P.O. Box 1463, Dept. IN Baltimore, MD 21203 (410) 366-VEGE

For questions or comments on this article, please contact Brad Scott at This article may be reproduced for non-commercial use intact or with credit given to The Vegetarian Resource Group. The contents of this article, as with all The Vegetarian Resource Group publications, is not intended to provide personal medical advice.Medical advice should be obtained from a qualified health professional.

The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit group. Its health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in your school, workplace,and community.

VRG publishes a number of items, including a bimonthly magazine, cookbooks, other books, and children's activity books.


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