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Discover how to keep well and fit for a lifetime.

Learn directly what macrobiotics is all about.

Become healthier and happier!

Learn healing macrobiotic cooking in hands-on classes.

You said you wanted to learn from the best, right? If you could learn from the most experienced, talented and fun-loving team on the planet, would you be interested? More on credentials later – first you want to know about the retreat…

From the beginning to the end of the entire 3-day experience, Lino and Jane share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help you begin, update or recharge your Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. This exciting retreat is designed for the serious beginner and anyone who wants to improve their results with Macrobiotics.

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You will savor delicious, seasonal meals and acquire remarkable information and skills. Join Lino and Jane in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where vital education is combined with healing and enjoyment. Find your own unique solution to Overweight, Recovery, Fatigue, Allergies and more. You will take home your own notebook complete with macrobiotic information, charts, typed recipes from the cooking classes, and supportive, inspirational materials.

Your meals will consist of classic macrobiotic healing and energizing dishes carefully and tastefully prepared by Jane Quincannon Stanchich, using organic whole grains, pasta, protein-rich legumes and soy products, market fresh vegetables, high-mineral sea vegetables, flavorful fruits, and savory seasonings. Delicious condiments, pickles, healthful desserts, and beverages will be served daily. All of the seminar food is free of refined sugar, dairy, and animal products. Dishes are made with YOU in mind.

Your activities and options include:
o The Fundamentals of Macrobiotics
o Essential lectures and lively discussions
o Delicious, balanced macrobiotic meals
o Modern, comfortable environment
o Energizing and healing exercise
o Fun, laughter, and friendship
o Clear, understandable cooking classes
o Tools to uplift and inspire well-being
  Lecture and Discussion Topics include:
o Understanding Health
o Discovering Your Personal Profile
o Macrobiotics for Recovery
o Yin & Yang Made Simple
o Better Digestion and Vitality
o Energizing Exercise & Rebounding
o More Efficient, Easy Cooking
o Achieving Emotional Well-Being
o Effective Home Remedies
o Self-Massage and Chi Kung
o Menu Planning o Restful, Healing Sleep

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LINO STANCHICH is an international macrobiotic educator and counselor with over 33 years experience who serves on the faculty of the Kushi Institute. A Licensed Nutritionist (FL) and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NC), Mr. Stanchich has lectured throughout the world. He is a respected teacher of the macrobiotic philosophy and lifestyle, Shiatsu Massage, Do-In Self-Massage, Chi Kung, and Laughter Therapy. Author of the popular books, Power Eating Program, You Are How You Eat and Macrobiotic Healing Secrets, he is creator of "Healing Mealtime Music" cassette and CD, and the healing self-massage and exercise video "Energize Yourself." Lino and his wife Jane’s most recent audio is entitled "LAUGH for the Health of It!"

"Lino Stanchich is one of the truly great and inspired teachers of our age. He brings a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience to his teachings about life's greatest needs and tools for optimum nutrition, health, and longevity. He is one of the foremost teachers of macrobiotics in the world today. It has been one of my greatest fortunes to have had the opportunity to work and study with Lino."

Ronald R. Parks, M.D., M. P. H.

JANE QUINCANNON STANCHICH is a Kushi Institute Certified Macrobiotic Teacher and Licensed Nutritionist (FL), with over 20 years experience. A restaurant and natural foods consultant, Jane is a macrobiotic chef and cooking instructor who presents dynamic classes, workshops, and seminars throughout the United States and Europe with her husband, Lino. This Kushi Institute staff member and former public school teacher and is a regular featured writer for Christina Cooks! magazine and contributes to other natural health publications and books. Jane is a Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor and co-produces audios and videos on Macrobiotics and natural health.


Retreat dates: March 25 - 28, 2004

Your life-changing experience begins Thursday evening at 5:00 PM, transitions from Asheville on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM, and takes off from there.

Please note: Due to physical space constraints, there are a very limited number of reservations available, so please call early.

Full Retreat, including all meals, lectures and materials
  per person  
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Full Retreat, including all meals, lectures and materials
  per person

Information on local accommodations will be sent to you along with your registration packet.

Questions? Phone Jane and Lino Stanchich at (828) 299-8657.

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